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Serving St. Louis Area Community Development Nonprofits


Mission Realty Advisors is a St. Louis-based nonprofit organization dedicated to helping other nonprofits solve their commercial real estate needs through affordable access to specialized professional services, resources, and mentoring. We provide commercial real estate consulting and development services at competitive rates to ensure that nonprofits achieve their real estate solutions and apply less of their resources to real estate needs and more to fulfilling their missions.


To be a resource for community-focused nonprofits allowing them to further their missions and the positive impacts they bring to the St. Louis region.


To provide commercial real estate consulting and development services, at below market costs, to nonprofits serving the underserved.


Treat members of all communities with dignity and respect.

Understand the missions of nonprofits and the needs of the communities they serve.

Be transparent and candid in our assessment of project opportunities.

Seek participation and input from community members.

Seek community representation in the selection of all service providers.

Leverage relationships with for-profit organizations to benefit our nonprofit clients.

Focus on Mission,
Not Profit

We leverage our significant commercial real estate industry expertise and network of local real estate industry professionals to provide nonprofits with access to professional services and relationships previously inaccessible to them. We equip nonprofits with an understanding of the commercial real estate process, which allows them to make better informed decisions on issues such as site selection, design, financing, construction, entitlement, construction management, compliance, and more. Our team of mission-minded professional specialists helps nonprofits determine the best strategies to meet their commercial real estate needs and deliver the best possible project results.

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